Nebulizers & Riverside Medical

Riverside Medical offers adult nebulizers, pediatric nebulizers, and nebulizer supplies.  We use only the latest in technology, doing so ensures that our patients use only the very best. Currently, Riverside Medical offers a variety of these compressor nebulizers and can answer any questions you may have.

Inspiration Elite

Inspiration Elite combines a powerful compressor and compact design to create a nebulizer system that you and your patients will value. Weighing only 3.3 pounds, the Inspiration® Elite comes with the Sidestream disposable nebulizer and features:

• a built-in handle
• handset docking
• long power cord
• a cord storage area 

Inspiration Elite User Manual

Parent Education with Pediatric Nebulizers

It is important to understand how to use your equipment.  We have uploaded the following video to assist you in learning your device.  This video should in no way substitute your physician’s instructions.  Rather, this video should be used to build on your existing knowledge. Please click below to view the video:

Using A Nebulizer

 Nebulizer Supplies

Riverside Medical provides nebulizer supplies for anyone.  We offer many items:

Cleaning Your Nebulizer

Keeping your nebulizer clean is important for mechanical and sanitary reasons.  Below you find a link to Riverside Medical’s nebulizer cleaning insturctions. Please contact us anytime you would like replacment parts for your machine.

Nebulizer Cleaning Instructions

Additional Resources

As resources become available, Riverside Medical will continue to grow its educational material in an effort to keep you informed.  Visit this page regularly and check for updates,  this page will soon offer…..