Oxygen Therapy & Riverside

Riverside Medical provides a full line of respiratory equipment and services.  Of these, oxygen therapy is one of largest and fastest growing areas.  Honoring the company mission of providing state of the art, cutting edge equipment; Riverside Medical uses a variety of manufacters.  Please continue down this page for more resources and education about your particular product.  We have provided you with resources and education below on our most used products, please Contact Us to learn more….

Home Oxygen

Please post a “No Smoking” sign in a traveled area so people entering your home will know not smoke.  A Riverside Medical sign can be printed by clicking the link:

No Smoking Sign

Our home oxygen units are backed by a full warranty from our service department.  We expect our patients to have solid, reliable, up-to-date equipment.  Below you find a few of the home oxygen units we offer.


Everflo Information Sheet

Everflo User Manual


Millennium User Guide


Devilbiss User Guide

Portable Oxygen

Riverside Medical carries 3 sizes of portable oxygen tanks: M6, D,  & E.  We provide a handy carry bag for the M6 & D and a rolling cart for the E cylinder.  If you are patient with portable oxygen, it is likely you have a conserving device.  These devices are used to help you conserve oxygen, thus making your tanks last longer.  A table is provided below for you to estimate the life of a bottle using a conserving device.

Tank Duration with Conserver

It is important to keep in mind, that if you are using a standard regulator, tank times will be much less than those with a conserver.

In an effort to provide you with adequate information about your equipment, we have included some video’s that should help.

Oxygen Tank Safety

Putting the Regulator On Your Tank

Travel Oxygen

As a patient of Riverside Medical, we will rent you one of our portable concentrators for travel.   Our policy on these travel machines is that you must reserve them on a first come first serve basis.  If you planning a trip, please provide us with dates you are expected to be gone, and we will reserve one of these for you if available.

Plan Your Trip Today!

The two types of machines we have available are:


If you click on “Evergo,” it will direct you to a page that offers videos and brochures about the Evergo

Sequal Eclipse

Sequal Users Manual

Oxygen Supplies

Riverside Medical offers a full line of oxygen supplies.  Please contact us for more information.