Riverside Medical & Paitent Relationships

Riverside Medical Inc. is proud to have you as a patient!  We have gone to great depths to ensure that your experience with us is not only good, but also educational.  Providing you with the resources neccessary to educate about your diagnosis and equipment is a priorty.  Riverside Medical staff’s a licensed Registered Respiratory Therapist in the Savannah, TN office for your benefit.  The licensed Registered Respiratory Therapist is available to discuss your needs and questions, educate you on the use of your equipment, and be there for you if getting adjusted to your new therapy becomes taxing.


When you were set up with your equipment, the trained technician or respiratory therapist left a folder with you.  In this folder there are several documents that keep you informed about our company and your equipment.  These documents can also be found below.  We encourage you to get know us and ask all the questions you want.  We are in business for you and dedicated to your overall health.

Equipment Information

Below are pictures of the equipment types that we offer.  Click on the type of equipment you have for even more educational material and support documents.