CPAP/ BiPAP Supplies

There are many different styles of masks available. Which means there is somthing out there for everyone.  The most common types of masks available are full face, nasal, and pillow systems.  Other styles that have proved successful for many patients are hybrid, prong, total face, and oral masks.  Any of these may be suitable for you, and Riverside Medical offers personal service from a respiratory therapist to help you find the perfect mask. For more information on CPAP and BiPAP supplies, contact Riverside Medical, Inc.

Full Face Nasal Pillow



Hybrid Total Face Nasal Prong Oral 


Replacing Your Supplies

Having a CPAP or BiPAP is not only a treatment for a medical condition, it is a new way of living.  The following links will help you to take the best possible care of your equipment.  One of the single most important things you can to do for your health, is to keep your equipment clean and replace it often. In an effort to keep you informed, please watch the following video about supplies replacment from ResMed.

Replacing Your Supplies Video

Most insurances have a schedule they follow for replacing your equipment. To ensure proper coverage, please contact your insurance carrier to verfiy what supplies you are eligible for and when.  Call us to see what your insurance will do.


Cleaning Your Supplies

Keeping your supplies clean is imperative to your health.  In addition, cleaning them regularly will extend the life of your supplies.  Riverside Medical provides cleaning instructions for each of its CPAP and BiPAP patient’s.  Please refer to those for a more detailed review or call our office today and we will be glad to send it.