CPAP and Sleep Apnea Equipment and Supplies

In the past 25 years the number of sleep apnea patients in the United States have increased rapidly with some studies putting the figures as high as a 70% increase over this period. As obesity has been proven to be a strong contributing factor in the development of these disorders the number of patients requiring assistance with sleep apnea will likely continue to increase.

While the number of patients likely in need of assistance with their sleep apnea is rising, getting assistance and monitoring can be difficult. Riverside Medical uses a simple, comfortable and convenient sleep testing system to allow their patients to test at home and simply mail the results back. Once the test is received it is reviewed by one of their board certified sleep doctors and the results returned in a secure fashion. If the patient’s physician then prescribes an assistive airway device Riverside Medical is then perfectly positioned to assist the patient with their PAP needs as well.


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